Published On: Fri, Jan 19th, 2018

Frans: “Leader” of the UD still trying to manipulate and confuse

Frans Richardson 1GREAT BAY — Leader of the United St. Maarten (US) party MP Frans Richardson on Friday said the leader of the United Democrats (UD) MP Sarah Wescot-Williams continues to insult the people by persisting with manipulative ways to sow confusion in the country.

Richardson also wondered when Wescot-Williams was appointed as a Minister since she feels free to speak for the Council of Ministers and more specifically for the Prime Minister. He said Wescot-Williams campaign against the February 26th Parliamentary elections is nothing more than a ruse since “she knows for certain that the election will happen as scheduled.”

“Wescot-Williams seems to have the honorable Governor Eugene Holiday in her sights since her ongoing efforts is to discredit him, his decisions and the overall process. On top that, if you want to believe what she says was in the Prime Minister’s letter concerning the election, it was made clear that the election process is continuing. It is futile to try and stop it now,” the MP said.

He said all parties are already meeting with people, candidates have committed and presented themselves to the public, government is funding election preparations, ect.. “Yet, the leader of the UD MP Wescot-Williams day after day continues her effort to confuse the process and perhaps suppress the vote. What is she afraid of? How does the deputy leader of the UD feel about it?”

“The election was brought on by Wescot-Williams and her former party (DP) manipulating of a young MP. But today, at the head of a new party, Wescot-Williams talks about a flagrant disregard of the people? Where was the DP’s regard for the people after Irma when instead of saying hey lets just set differences aside and work for people, you decided to throw down government when people needed stability the most? Where was your regard for people then?

“The USP stands ready to participate in this election and will continue bringing our message to the people for the recovery of St. Maarten as well as why they cannot and should not trust a leader who prefers manipulation as a mode of operation,” Richardson said.