Published On: Sun, Sep 11th, 2022

Government maintains majority support in Parliament

~ Two new MP’s support the coalition~

PHILIPSBURG — In a joint statement issued by the leadership of the National Alliance (NA) and United People’s (UP) Party it has been confirmed, that it was a success; a proactive measure to ensure stability within the governing coalition. This was mentioned many weeks ago when they began exploring options to broaden the coalition.

“After many discussions regarding support for the sitting government, we hereby inform the public that the government, coalition, and by extension its governing accord in its present form, despite the announcements of independence by sitting coalition members, has the support of two extra members of Parliament, namely MPs A. Arrindell and C. Brownbill.” said Member of Parliament and Leader of the UP Party, Mr. Rolando Brison.

The decision has been confirmed to His Excellency, Governor Eugene Holiday, who is aware of the government’s majority support in Parliament which allows it to continue to govern.

“The public can rest assured that we will continue to work in the best interest of St. Maarten and her people. We ask that you not be deterred by those who seek to create further confusion in the minds of the population for political gain.” Said Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs Silveria Jacobs, in her capacity as the leader of the NA Party.