Published On: Sun, Sep 22nd, 2019

MP Chanel Brownbill declares himself independent

MP Chanel Brownbil

PHILIPSBURG — “When I gave the support to this current coalition, I stood by in support even in moments of dismay and never left the coalition. However, recent developments caused uncertainty in the country, with the government no longer having the support of a majority in Parliament.” So begins a press statement issued by MP Chanel Brownbill in light of the day’s speedy developments.

“In the weeks since the government lost its majority support, there has been no plan presented to me or my colleagues as to how the country will be able to move forward from the uncertainty created. For weeks, I waited and hoped that somehow we could have worked it out in the best interest of St. Maarten.” Brownbill continues.

“However, I have come to the conclusion that the differences within my former party are irreconcilable, and the uncertainty could in theory continue in perpetuity. While the title of my former party includes the ‘United’, as this unity no longer exists, I do not see myself being a part of this party any longer. For this reason, I have decided to declare myself independent.” Brownbill concludes his press statement.


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