Published On: Mon, Oct 28th, 2019

Rouge et Noir management donated computers to Sr. Regina Primary School

Rouge et Noir donation

~ Rouge et Noir investors envisions bringing back life to Philipsburg ~

PHILIPSBURG — The group of local and international investors of Rouge et Noir Casino dispelled rumors circulating in the community blaming the group of having issues with contractors and that the license to move their current location to the Super Plaza building would cause friction due to it being close to so-called sensitive buildings.

In a statement issued by the group on Sunday, the investors assured the community that everything dealing with their request to move the old casino to a new location is within the confines of the country’s laws. “When the relocation request was granted, it was clearly indicated by government that the library will not be located at its former location. The condition for the relocation also stated that the back entrance would not be used for the casino to insure the 50 meters distance between the Sundial School and the casino is adhered to.” stated the group.

Regarding the concern that a building permit was not requested by management, “We did not require a building permit as the renovation conducted to the building was done to fit the business needs without any structural changes to the existing Super Plaza building which was verified by the government department that is responsible for building permits.” the press statement alluded to on Sunday.

Caretaker Minister of Economic Affairs Stuart Johnson recently in a separate press release refuted that Rouge et Noir casino owners violated any laws while the relocation is taking place. The group currently provide 100 jobs to citizens of the island and intend to create more when the business reopens under a new name in less than three months. In the meantime workers are being trained as they prepare to move into the building.

“One other concern had to do with reports that Rouge et Noir casino owes the building owner rent. This is false. All monies owed to the owner of the Super Plaza building was paid in a timely manner with all receipts as proof. There is no outstanding to the knowledge of the company. “Construction workers at the Super Plaza building working on behalf of Rouge et Noir casino are 100 percent insured and are working under the full compliance of labor laws of the land. We as the investors of this business believe that this relocation will benefit the tourism product for the island and benefit the community in many ways.” stated the group.

The management recently donated several computers and chairs to several primary schools that were in need of them. Our core believes is that only through education, health and sports will a community grow. The group of investors recently hired a law firm to discuss the possibility to bring those persons to court who started to slander the company that just started managing Rouge et Noir casino.

“We believe that in time, the community will witness for themselves the plans of the group and accept the important role the casino will play for bringing back life to the Philipsburg area,” concluded the group on Sunday.

Photo caption: Management donated several computers last week to Sister Regina Primary school. Photo provided.