Published On: Sun, Oct 14th, 2018

Codes of Conduct

A post on Facebook caught our attention today. The topic was Codes of Conduct.
Apparently, this was triggered by screenshots of a chat conversation circulating on Whatsapp.

For all intents and purposes, the chat conversation seems to be between a minister and an associate. Sources have confirmed that these chats are genuine.

As was pointed out, by now the whole of St. Maarten will have seen and read the whatsapp messages.

We agree with the poster. Clearly, this is a breach of codes of conduct in all aspects of the behaviour surrounding the origination and the circulation of these whatsapp messages.

However, the discussion quickly focused on the issue of sexuality. That is not the point the poster wanted to make. The point is and remains our behavior and the ethical nature of our behavior to the point where we must rise to the level of adhering to and behaving according to the standards and principles guided by codes of conduct.

Principles of Codes of Conduct Ethics Integrity Moral Behaviour

We seem to have some serious issues with the ethical behavior and professional conduct of our officials in government and other positions of leadership in our communities. Whether it is a Member of Parliament or a Member of the Council of Ministers (COM), a Secretary General (SG), a Department Head, Section Head, Law (Enforcement) Officials, School Principals, Supervisors, etc., they all need to be held accountable for their actions and the consequences of their actions.

The Principle of Leadership in the Public and Private Sector has taken on a complete different meaning on St. Maarten. It needs to stop. Will the public be asking for the resignation of the minister in question just as they were asking of others who violated other Principles of Codes of Conduct and Ethical Behaviour?

A good question that will have us thinking hard the coming days. In any event, we must all start behaving, conducting and holding ourselves to higher levels of standards. We must start adhering to codes of conduct.