Published On: Sun, Apr 4th, 2021

Time to open Pandora’s Box

~ Now is the time for a full forensic audit at the SXM Airport ~

Last week, MP Claudius Buncamper announced in the central committee about the airport that he would be bringing forward a motion the coming week to give the COM instructions on what to do in an upcoming shareholder’s meeting with the airport’s holding board and management.

We welcome such a motion as we would recommend the good MP to call for a full forensic audit at the SXM Airport. With the publication this weekend of the recommendations of a confidential Financial Baseline Report by Curacao-based Ernst&Young Advisory published in a review article by StMaartenNews.com, it should be clear to all that an independent investigation at the SXM Airport is more than justified.

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If MP Buncamper was to actually make this call, he would not be the first member of Parliament to have done so. Since August 2019, now former MP Claude ‘Chacho’ Peterson, has been calling on the government at the time to order to full financial forensic audit at the SXM Airport as the airport was seemingly brokes and practically bankrupt at the time. The question on everyone’s mind at the time was: where have the millions the airport had in reserves disappeared to?

Once again, anno 2021, via his FBGov platform, Chacho is calling for Pandora’s Box to be finally opened up. With the publication of the airport’s financial performance for the fiscal year 2018 resulting in a 16.4 million guilders ($9.16 million) deficit, the numbers are already jumping out now. But once Pandora’s Box is wide open, the numbers cannot be hidden anymore. Get a peek preview of these numbers by reading our article entitled Report recommends external review of airport investments online at StMaartenNews.com and let us know on our Facebook Page if you agree with Chacho that now is the time for a full forensic investigation at the airport as well.


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