Published On: Mon, Jan 16th, 2023

Minister prevents deportation – attorney Merx happy

~ Merx commends the minister, her staff and the immigration department ~

PHILIPSBURG — Attorney Cor Merx is more than happy with an intervention by Minister of Justice Anna Richardson, her staff and the immigration department that prevented the deportation of one of his clients.

On Monday, January 1, Merx’ client was arrested on the French side of the island and taken to Guadeloupe for deportation because of immigration issues.

The client had appealed a rejection by the Minister of Justice against her request for a temporary residence permit on the Dutch side of the island.

“According to the guidelines of the minister of justice someone who has appealed a rejection against a request for residence is allowed to await the outcome of the procedure in St. Maarten,” Merx wrote in an email to StMaartenNews.com. “This is so in the Netherlands and also in St. Maarten. My objections against the deportation via Guadeloupe were made known by associates of the minister of justice.”

The attorney said that Minister Richardson acted immediately based on the reports from her staff. “On Friday afternoon, January 12, she managed to block the deportation. My client was released and allowed to return to St. Maarten after mediation by the mobile unit of the immigration department.”

“In the meantime, the minister has declared my client’s appeal against the rejection founded, so that she is allowed to stay here legally. I pay therefore tribute to the minister, her staff and the immigration department.”