Published On: Mon, Nov 14th, 2016

Against all odds

Dear Editor,

President-elect Donald Trump is the change that I would like to see happen in St. Maarten one day. The elite establishment government believes that only they are smart and have the rights to tell people how to think. Mr. Trump teaches people to believe in themselves and to think independently.

This is the same mentality that establishes a real change in life. This is exactly what St. Maarten needs to change. First, we had Brexit in Great Britain and now we had a repudiation of the Obama and Hillary Clinton ideology of shut your mouth and do what we say or else you’re a racist. The voter turnout for Donald Trump is against President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s method of demonizing people.

People have to get away from the foolish mentality that if you are a different race than me and we disagree you are a racist. This is a small minded mentality when people cannot accept that we have an independent mind. The media CNN, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC, NBC were all in the tank for Mrs. Clinton. Only Fox news was fair and balanced; this should also be a lesson for St. Maarten’s media; the lesson is not to take any side in politics but treat all political parties fair and balanced.

Mr. Trump has surged to victory against all odds because he believes in change by standing up for what he believes in. Notice I did not produce any articles about our St. Maarten politics because I believe the local electorate needs much more educating in political science. Our politicians should get a better understanding of how to influence political science to effect real change. Unfortunate St. Maarten politicians do not understand political science because all the political parties in St. Maarten are leftwing socialist. They all believe in government companies. To change St. Maarten one of the first things we must do is to eliminate government companies because that is socialism and it creates cronyism. I know most people in St. Maarten will disagree with me; that is no problem, but it is because for a long time we believed that government can fix our problems. Government task is to provide the opportunity for us to pursue our own destiny and happiness but not to control our lifestyles and mentality.

Remember character is what establishes true leadership and political science is used to influence people to go in your direction but not force them to or demonizing them calling them racist because they see things different than you. For those that does not know what repudiation means it means rejection of a proposal or idea. In America’s case, it is the rejection of Obamacare and the direction the country is going. You do not have to agree or disagree; it is how the electorate feels.

Mr. Trump has turned the political establishment from the Republican and Democratic parties upside down by the courage to speak on behalf of the silent majority. Mr. Trump has defied the odds and made history to pull off the biggest political upset against all odds.
The lesson is that all things are possible if you willing to endure the challenges and sacrifices in life. Against all odds is only possible by the character of an individual who is willing to do what it takes to succeed in life. Whether you like Trump or not he is a man of strong character; these are the people that achieve great things in life. God bless America and I wish him success in his endeavors.

The patriot Miguel Arrindell

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