Published On: Wed, Dec 9th, 2020

Kudos to Christophe Emmanuel: Pasanggrahan monument auction canceled

PHILIPSBURG — Member of Parliament Christophe Emmanuel was called “our hero” on Wednesday by the owners of the Passangrahan Royal Guest House for his public support for the property, a national monument.

The auction of the property was scheduled to take place on Thursday but was cancelled after owners obtained backing from a financial guarantee bond  for up to $8mln from Stockton Fuller & Company to see the landmark renovation through its next three years.

Independent Member of Parliament, Christophe Emmanuel came out to the defence of the national monument by raising awareness and stating it would be a “crying shame” if it is allowed to be auctioned. He was very happy to learn that the monument was saved.

“I am very happy to hear that this vital monument was saved. I would have liked it to have been government, but again we failed to show up for our people. All you need is to find the conviction and courage to stand for what’s right and stand for what is important in your country for your people. I am happy for Passangrahan,” the MP said.

“The Pasanggrahan thanks MP Christophe Emmanuel for your public support. You are our hero,” owners of Passangrahan said in a media release.

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