Published On: Sun, Feb 11th, 2018

Frans asks GEBE to expedite restoration to parts of Cay Bay

GEBE power plant and Cay BayPhilipsburg — Member of Parliament and leader of the United St. Maarten (US) party Frans Richardson is calling on GEBE to at least explain to residents of Cay Bay why they are still without electricity 6 months after the passing of hurricane Irma.

Richardson said while he fully compliments the staff and management of GEBE for the work they have done in restoring St. Maarten utilities, he was surprised to learn that there are pockets in Cay Bay and other areas still without electricity.

“We all know of the exceptional job GEBE has done over the past few months, but when speaking to folks in Cay Bay recently, I was caught totally off-guard that they are still without electricity. I think it behooves GEBE to provide an explanation to these citizens about their electricity supply. They haven’t heard anything in quite some time,” MP Richardson said.

After experiencing the situation in Cay Bay, Richardson said he was told of similar situations elsewhere but could not confirm that. “Bottom line is people just appreciate updates. And at this stage, they want a solution. Six months after the storm is a very long time. I’m calling on GEBE to explain and if at all possible expedite its efforts so these good people can get electricity restored sooner rather than later.