Published On: Sun, Jan 5th, 2020

An organized political party is the magic factor

Letter - St Maarten News - PeopleDear Editor,

Many voters will be challenged to cast their vote in a manner that they are sure that they have selected the candidate most likely to advance their interests in the upcoming elections. This is because they will be unable to predict what the available options are likely to achieve.

There is some evidence based on the past that will give some indication as to what they should be looking for to achieve their goals and I hope to summarize as follows.

Most important is that they realize that they are really voting for a party and within this party they have individual options, but it is the party and it’s leadership that will ultimately decide what the position of the party might be and the executed policy. A nice guy with a high number in a party and apparently great intentions is not going to be as relevant as ones on the top of the list. An organized party with candidates with a common vision is an essential criteria if any political vision is to be achieved.

There has been much written that Sint Maarten politics has been dominated by an older elite and that young candidates are needed to break out of the rut that the country is in. But the evidence has been that young candidates have also suffered from a lack of integrity as much as older or have turned out to not be productive as legislators. Being young certainly has advantages but it has not been the magic factor in Sint Maarten in the last decade.

Deep knowledge of public administration is an essential. Law or public administration degrees are hugely advantageous. Education in finance or public policy would work. Candidates with huge plans and no content on how the huge plans could be achieved within our complex governmental structure are the perfect solution to repeating the poor governance we have seen.