Published On: Tue, Jul 24th, 2018

COCI: To Introduce Business Orientation Program in July

COCI presentation Orientation Program

PHILIPSBURG – St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry (COCI) Executive Director Anastacio Baker, says COCI will introduce a ‘business orientation program’ in July.

According to Baker, staff at COCI will be assisting new entrepreneurs by orienting them with the process of registering their new business with the various government and non-government entities to ensure that you meet all your obligations according to the laws of the country.

Key government entities are COCI, the Tax Inspectorate, and SZV Social and Health Insurances.

Stanley Lint, President of the Board of COCI, said the orientation program is to facilitate new businesses with respect to the registration process, best practices, and provide advice with respect to other agencies or organizations that could assist initial start-ups.

Lint added that the orientation will take about 30 minutes.

COCI through its trade register aides in providing a secure environment for business undertakings in Sint Maarten. Whilst this is the primary function of COCI, COCI furthermore contributes in many ways to the socio-economic development of Sint Maarten.

COCI, through its representatives on Committees or through its advisory function, undertakes to contribute effectively and actively toward initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable business environment in Sint Maarten.

Photo caption: One of the facilitators Ms. Herbert giving the Business Orientation Program presentation. Photo provided.