Published On: Tue, Jul 24th, 2018

Police Officer J.G. in custody for 60 days longer

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PHILIPSBURG — The Court of First Instance has sided with the Public Prosecutor’s Office on keeping Police Officer J.L.V.G. (42) in custody for 60 additional days as a suspect in the WHALE investigation.

J.L.V.G. is suspected of being bribed, forging documents and breach of confidentiality. Two more suspects were arrested and heard by the National Detectives, while more arrests will be made and more witnesses will be heard as this investigation which is in full swing continues.

This investigation is led by the National Detectives and overseen by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The suspect is in restrictive custody, which means he is only allowed to have contact with his lawyer. This measure has been deemed necessary in the interest of the investigation.