Published On: Wed, Feb 20th, 2019

Coalition partners support Theo

Council of Ministers Press Photo - Feb 2019

PHILIPSBURG — The arrest of the leader of the United Democrats Member of Parliament Theodore Heyliger by the Anti-Corruption Task Force (TBO) on Tuesday morning at his home has drawn support from the coalition.

Minister of Education who is also the deputy Prime Minister and the leader of the St. Maarten Christian Party Wycliffe Smith in a statement said that his party remains committed to the Governing Accord with the determination to provide the country with a stable government.

“It is unfortunate that MP Heyliger is faced with these personal challenges at this time but we must allow time for the due process of justice to take its course,” said Smith. “May wisdom prevail and justice be balanced and the truth give freedom.”

He pointed out that it is his strong conviction that the coalition of the Christian Party and the United Democrats has the rebuilding of St. Maarten as its main goal for the good of the country and for the progression of the people. He noted that the SMCP and others of the coalition recognizes that the personal situation of one member will not be allowed to hinder the work that lies before them.

He indicated that while MP Heyliger works out his situation the members of the SMCP and all the representatives remains united and focused. They are united in their efforts to represent the people of St. Maarten with the focus on rebuilding of the nation.


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