Published On: Wed, Feb 20th, 2019

Legislation on Health Care to be ready by March

Minister of Health Emil Lee - 20 Feb 2019

PHILIPSBURG — The legislation for general health insurance is now with the Council of Advice and it is expected to be completed in March. This was announced by the Minister of Health Emile Lee at the weekly Council of Ministers Press conference on Wednesday.

This document deals with a comprehensive health care plan for all residents that live on the island. When this is completed it will be sent to the Parliament of St. Maarten to be ratified. Health care for all was one of the issues raised during the election campaign, in the Governing program and also it is the objective of government that all should have health care close to home.

“While working on transforming the health care system at the hospital our referrals system are being completely revised and the prescription drug and the relationship and the care providers are all happening parallel,” said Lee. He said that the financing of the health care system is also part of the initiative where it would be determined to who have access to the health care system and how it will work.

He explained that the legislation on the general health care system will be transformed as we knows it since everywhere around the world it has been deemed as “battleground legislation” and contentious within the communities. He pointed out that there has been ongoing and personal discussions on how health care is financed and as a result the government legislation will address that issue.

Lee further explained that there are numerous issues that affect health care and as a result, there must be an initiative where everyone is covered by the health care system and where everyone pays their fair share and have access to health insurance. He noted that the legislation that they are working on makes the system more efficient, effective, more equitable and financial sustainable.