Published On: Wed, Feb 20th, 2019

Teachers and educators to meet on behavioral management

Minister of Education Wycliffe Smith - 20 Feb 2019

PHILIPSBURG — Teachers and educators will be attending meetings today and tomorrow on a training program on behavioral management which is geared to address the behavior children in the classroom and the playground. This was announced by the Minister of Education Wycliffe Smith at the Council of Ministers press conference on Wednesday, February 20.

Stripped Hyundai Tucson - Photo 721news InstagramThese meetings comes on the heal of an incident at one of the secondary schools where a student stole a teacher brand new vehicle which was found stripped and barely recognizable a few days later. Since then the student has been suspended from the school and the incident is under investigation by the police.

Minister Smith said that they will be also looking at other initiatives to ensure that the situation in the schools are improved and cleaned up.

Meanwhile, this incident has the teacher in question traumatized and other teachers on alert to ensure that no similar incident occurs. The teachers have been advised about leaving their personal items such as phones and handbags lying around the classrooms.

There was another incident where a student broke into a teachers home while he was teaching in the class. The teacher captured the entire incident on his cell phone because he had a surveillance app on his phone that alerted him to the break-in.

In the case of the student that stole the teacher’s vehicle the Ministry of Education is waiting on the conclusion of the investigation before any decision could be made.


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