Published On: Sat, Sep 15th, 2018

Friendly raids

This week the Public Prosecutor’s Office issued a press statement wherein mentioned was made that “raids” were conducted at three construction companies at Sonesta Maho Hotel looking for illegal Venezuelan workers. It is suspected that these construction companies dispatched illegal Venezuelans to work at amongst other locations, the Sonesta Maho resort property. Administration was confiscated during these raids.
Maho’s resort management subsequently issued a statement saying it was not a raid, but just “a friendly exchange of information”.
Maho’s reaction reads as follows:
On the morning of September 11th, a few members of the prosecutor’s office and local law enforcement came onto our property and kindly asked for our administration offices. This was not a raid,” said Andria Mitsakos, spokesperson for The Maho Group. “The individuals were escorted to our offices and requested invoices with regards to three subcontractors which we are using in our construction efforts to rebuild our resorts. As many business owners in St. Maarten know, these exercises are often routine. This was a friendly exchange of information. We provided the requested information and they left the premises.
Curious as to which it was, a raid or just a friendly visit for information, contacted the Public Prosecutor’s press spokesperson for a clarification.
Her answer was a straightforward one: “It was indeed a raid.