Published On: Mon, Jul 9th, 2018

We ready?

The Caribbean can issue a collective sigh of relief now that hurricane Beryl has dissipated, thanks to the Sahara desert dust in the air.

But the question remains whether St. Maarten was truly prepared for this hurricane?

The government rightfully took all precautionary measures this time, including putting the marines on stand-by.

Yet, when we look around the communities, we still see too many houses covered in blue tarpaulin. We still see too many debris scattered around the neighborhoods. We still see too many yards not cleaned up, including our own backyards. Not a good sign.

So are we really ready for this hurricane season?

Let’s consider this a warning and get busy preparing for another hurricane, no matter the likelihood.

We call on the community councils to go out into the districts and make an inventory of what still needs to be done and take appropriate actions.

There is no time for this like the present, eventhough we can breathe easy again, for the time being.