Published On: Wed, Jul 17th, 2019

StMaartenNews.com launches SXM Side Hustles Video Series

Herman Maurice selling peanuts

~ Features roadside peanut hustler in first video interview~

PHILIPSBURG — StMaartenNews.com is excited to announce that a new video series entitled “SXM Side Hustles” is launched today, bringing awareness to the people of St. Maarten about side hustles that can bring in a little extra money without having to quit their regular paying jobs. The launch includes the first video interview with a roadside peanut hustler name Mr. Herman. This is a part of the SXM Side Hustles publication.

Through the new publication, StMaartenNews.com will introduce topics that are not usually taught anywhere, like practicing group economics, crowdfunding, solidarity funds, investing and wealth building. These topics will be the inspiration to generate extra income that could fund savings accounts, emergency funds, education funds, vacation funds and investment funds.

This publication started with a Facebook post entitled “Name Your Side Hustle” which garnered the interest of many, reaching 5,869 people through shares, likes and reactions. Through this post, the Facebook users were asked to name side hustles they know and, interestingly, they submitted answers such as: giving advice; doing errands for individuals; recruiting; giving classes; Forex trading; trading in stocks; cleaning services; house cleaning; yard cleaning; landscaping; tax fillings; paperwork fillings for opening a business; being an influencer; serving on boards; letter writing; baking; braiding hair; painting houses; performing gigs as a singer; photography; and selling DVDs with music, movies and tv series.

In terms of legalities, the publication will not support side hustles that are illegal in nature and stimulate inappropriate behavior. All side hustles in the listings are legal activities where a person can earn an extra income. Side hustling is not a problem as long as it is done in one’s own private time and not during the employer’s time.

Concerning tax issues, the publication advises the readers to consult those who are doing tax fillings as a side hustle. It is also important to note that if the side hustle exceeds the tax-free threshold, it is better to register the side hustle as a sole proprietorship for tax write-offs and to obtain tax benefits. If you want to incorporate your side hustle as a one-person company and you want to know its cost-benefits, you can check out the topics in our new Tax Topics series.

As of today, 45 participants had already signed up for the free email series. With this being said, we would like to invite interested persons to register for our free email course called “All About the SXM Side Hustles”. Through this free email course, we will be able to discuss with you the many ways you can start earning extra money through side hustles. We will also discuss in-depth the possible side hustles for you, how fast you can get these up and running and where to find inspiration for side hustles online and offline.

You can read the publication online and sign up at https://stmaartennews.com/business/sxm-side-hustles/ and start earning a little extra money on the side.


Video caption: In the video interview Mr. Herman tells us how he get started with selling peanuts, his passion for roasting peanuts, getting his roadside vendor’s license and the challenges of hustling on the side of the road. Video produced by Reginald Richardson (VidMedia Solutions) for StMaartenNews.com. Special thanks to Tim van Dijk (T-Media).



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