Published On: Thu, Nov 24th, 2016

Heartfelt cry

The sentencing of the woman who ordered the murder of her own father marked one of the more shocking crimes in our country’s history, but it was a heartfelt cry from a crime-victim that attracted even more of our attention.

The case in which the victim is claiming damages (that are hardly ever collected, by the way) was postponed by the court after deliberating about a possible psychiatric evaluation of the suspect.

That got the victim, who sustained severe injuries and had to deal with a damaged car, going.

And while this victim expressed her misery, we are still waiting for the government to take action with the establishment of a victim’s fund.

That should not be difficult because the money is there – in the crime fund, under the authority of the justice minister.

That fund ought to pay out these damages caused by criminals and the fund manager should then go after the criminals to collect from them. Victims need respect and protection – and paying their damages from such a fund would be an excellent start.