Published On: Thu, Jan 19th, 2017

TelEm gets CEO finally

After 8 years without a CEO, local telecom provider TelEm finally gets a new Chief Executive Officer in the person of Kendall Dupersoy. The selection process has not been without controversy and certainly many within and outside the company have a lot to say about that.

However, the Government as the shareholder has a finally made a decision and it is time to get moving with managing the TelEm Group of Companies with one person at the helm who is accountable and can be held responsible for the company’s actions and results.

The telecom market is not without perils and guiding a company through the present dynamic times is challenging to say the least. Profitability in the telecom sector in the Caribbean is proving to be as elusive as the dedicated customer. In St. Maarten the telecom pie is equally divided between TelEm and UTS. Particularly, because most customers have at least one phone number from each company.

Therefore the challenge is tapping into other revenue sources and increasing revenues through improved customer service. We have to give Kendall Dupersoy the benefit of the doubt that he is up to the challenge.