Published On: Wed, Jun 13th, 2018

University starts law-program in September

USM Law School Programme initiators

PHILIPSBURG – Starting in September, eligible students will be able to begin with their law studies at the University of St. Martin, Minister Jorien Wuite (Education) announced at Wednesday’s council of Ministers press briefing. The law study is an initiative of former Minister of Finance Richard Gibson Sr. and should have started last year in September. Hurricane Irma changed those plans.

The budget for the course was already created at the finance ministry, and Gibson’s successor Mike Ferrier has honored the reservation.

The law study will be offered in St. Maarten by the University of Curacao. “The objective is to create a team of homegrown lawyers,” the minister said.

A feasibility study into the program by former Education Minister Rhoda Arrindell suggests the establishment of a pre-law program to be offered by the University of St. Martin. The University of Curacao offers a Bachelor’s and a Masters program.

Students in St. Maarten will have to meet the same requirements as students in Curacao do; they need for instance a VWO- or a HAVO-diploma.


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