Published On: Mon, Dec 10th, 2018

Husband and wife shot in Grand Case

Gun shot victim - Antoine Toiny Richardson

MARIGOT — Husband and wife, Antione “Tony” Richardson and Annabelle Richardson, are nursing gunshot wounds in the Louis Constant General Hospital after they were shot by the neighbor at about 1:30pm on Friday, December 7.

The couple who owns the Big Apple Restaurant in Grand Case said that after the storms of 2017 their neighbor, lost his home and since then he had been acting strangely.

He had accused them of having a foul scent that was being emitted from their home and posted messages that stated that the food that they were cooking at the restaurant had contained feces.

“The day in question me and my wife were sitting together at the restaurant and the neighbor Baldwin Flanders came in and said this is what you call progress.” He was about 5 feet from us when he open fire with a .38 revolver. I put up my hand to shield my wife because he was pointing the gun at her and he fired the gun but bullet went through my hand and I told my wife to run.”

Gun shot victim - Annabelle Richardson - bullet woundHe fired the gun again and the bullet went through my wife arm. He then aimed at me and I put up the other hand and to bar my chest and the bullet went into my hand and stuck in the bone,” said Richardson.

Flanders ran and hid himself nearby and reloaded his weapon. He was told to come out of his hiding place when Richardson relatives came for him. He told them to come and get him if they were brave. Shortly after the Gendarmes arrived and found Flanders hiding with a fully loaded revolver.

Flanders apparently told the Gendarmes that Richardson had attacked him with a knife at about midnight the previous evening. However, Richardson pointed out that he was planning to go on a cruise the same day he was shot and it was no way that he would be out at midnight.

Meanwhile, after the storm had devastated Flanders home in Grand Case he was planning to commit suicide but was always discouraged by Richardson who is known in Grand Case for his good neighborly behavior.

Flanders who shot the couple is said to be held in the institution for mentally disturbed persons at the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital in Marigot.