Published On: Fri, Feb 8th, 2019

Dutch Kingdom supports Venezuela interim president

PM Leona Romeo Marlin at Press Briefing 07 Feb 2019

PHILIPSBURG—The entire Dutch Kingdom will support the interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaido said Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin during the Council of Ministers Press Conference on Wednesday. According to her certain actions are being taken to ensure Venezuelans have access to food and other commodities.

What was not mentioned is if there will be funding by the Netherlands to take care of the Venezuelans who enter into the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles. Prime Minister Romeo-Marlin has promised to send a press release to the media houses on the island of any updates.

Quite recently there were reports that there were hundreds of Venezuelans who came to the island to seek refuge from their country. Prime Minister Romeo-Marlin at the time stated that the France had given permission for the Venezuelans to enter freely into their territories and because there are no physical borders on St. Maarten they had come on the Dutch side of the island.

However, the Netherlands has joined with the majority of countries of the world to support the interim president of Venezuela Juan Guaido because of the crisis that has taken place in that South American country. Meanwhile there are reports on social media that states that the former President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro had until midnight last night to leave the country.