Published On: Sat, Dec 16th, 2017


PHILIPSBURG — The Legal Review Committee is a group of 5 lawyers who will be providing you the reader with objective, non-partisan and informative articles concerning legal matters. The information is based on the law and legal research and of a legal academic nature for the purpose of informing the public.

This Committee aims to educate and enlighten the general population on the legal system governing the current issues and in so doing equip the public with the information needed to be able to discuss topics in a well-informed manner.

The lawyers who will be writing these articles on a regular basis are: Dr. Nilda Arduin, Mr. Reynold Groeneveldt LLM, Mrs. Mavis Brooks-Salmon LLM, Mrs. Patricia Phillips BLL and Mr. Gaston Bell LLM.

The following are some of the topics the group will be publishing:

We will conclude each article with a few questions or statements to trigger open discussion among friends, colleagues and families.


Message from the Publisher:

We will open the comments section on these articles to encourage discussion among our readers and to allow you the reader to post answers to the questions posed by The Legal Review Committee.

Comments will be highly moderated to allow only for a high level discussion on the questions posed and on the topics in general. No profanity, insulting or derogatory comments will be allowed. We encourage discussions and debates on the merits of the arguments posed. No posts or attacks of a personal nature nor any off-topic postings will be allowed.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

The Publisher

PS: Click above on the category “Legal Reviews” to see all articles published by The Legal Review Committee.

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