Published On: Fri, Oct 14th, 2022

Who has the power to change this?

Dear Editor,

Going independent affects Government liquidity position, which has always been a known fact that no one, whether MP or Minister has seriously touched on since 10 10 10.

All Ministers of Finance, whether past or present knows of this fact, but no one would ever seriously and publicly speak about this.

But again, these are the realities of how our Constitution, its Ordinances, its Regulations and Policies as it pertains to the Parliament of Sint Maarten works.

And let us not forget the constant politics that goes along with it.

Who has the Power to change this all?

Parliament by way of a Proposed Amendment, or the Minister of Finance in the Council of Ministers can present a Proposal to Parliament that would rid the People of Sint Maarten with all these created expenses by these same Parliaments, Members of Parliament, and ultimately Political Party Factions and their Representatives.

Taking the ultimate step, would be for the Minister of Finance to present such as Cost Saving Proposal to Parliament for their Approval.

Another subject matter is that the Parliament have many Committees that represent and discuss Various Subject Matters before coming to any Public Meeting of Parliament.

All of these Committees consists of MPs internally appointed by the Body of Parliament itself with as responsibility to work out the details on these subject matters first.

A very good and recent example are the Meetings of IPKO that are always very expensive in Budget, especially if it means that the Local Parliament would have to travel abroad.

Why not have the Committee of IPKO for example within Parliament, after presenting its Final Position Paper to Parliament, and receiving their Approval, not be the Delegation to travel along with the President of Parliament?

That would cut much cost, because you are just having Faction Leaders and Independent Members of Parliament traveling on these trips, probably doing absolutely nothing, neither making any valuable contributions to these Meetings.

The Traveling Representatives of the Parliament of Sint Maarten MUST travel having a Document of all Approved Positions taken.

I guess that by now both Council of Minister, its Minister of Finance, the Parliament, as well as the President of Parliament sees exactly where IAM going with this.

So, Minister of Finance, President of Parliament, or any three Members of Parliament, the ball is in your hands to ACT if you seriously want to cut cost in this area, and not just talk about it.

Achken Roberto Richardson


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