Published On: Sat, Dec 1st, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Fire incident at Megaplex 7 cinemas building – UPDATED

Screenshot fire incident scene Megaplex 7

COLE BAY — News reaching our newsdesk reports that the electrical installation at the back of the Caribbean Cinemas Megaplex 7 movie theaters building on the Welfare Road in Cole Bay caught on fire and was emitting heavy smoke. The building was immediately evacuated and firefighters with their firetrucks are on the scene at this present time.

The report came in just before 7pm this evening, Saturday, December 1, 2018. There is no indication of serious structural damage nor is there any reports of anyone getting hurt. This is however the second major business on the island to reopen after hurricane Irma damaged the property that has been subjected to fire damage shortly after the reopening.

Caribbean Cinemas St. Maarten opened July 4th, 2018, after being closed for ten months for renovations after hurricane Irma heavily damaged the building in September 2017. The Caribbean Cinemas opened the Megaplex with 7 brand new cinemas with new seating layout and seats and other amenities. will be bringing you more updates and photos as they come in.

Click here to view a video recording of the scene at the Megaplex 7 building

UPDATE 1: has been reliable informed that the cause of the fire incident at the Megaplex 7 cinemas building was most likely of an electrical nature originating in the breaker room at the back of the building, a room that is normally used as a storage room as well.

Once again, it becomes apparent that faulty electrical wiring systems in existing building structures are the cause of many electrical fires on St. Maarten. A thorough inspection of the electrical wiring systems in old existing buildings needs to be executed, reviewed and where necessary upgraded.

UPDATE2: According to a news report, management of the Caribbean Cinemas St. Maarten informed the Daily Herald that they will reopen on Sunday, December 2.

UPDATE3: Caribbean Cinemas will open today from 2pm. The fire in the electric room in the exterior of the building was not caused by a faulty electric system however by some items stored in the room. Fortunately it was attended right away by theatre personnel and the St Maarten Fire Dept.

Below is the schedule for the movie showings from Sunday until Wednesday, December 5th, 2018. Click on the image to enlarge for details.

Caribbean Cinemas St.Maarten Schedule 2018 Nov 29-Dec 05