Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2020

Laws need to be put in place to protect pensioners

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~ Seniors are ready to unite; taxation on pension income a serious issue ~

PHILIPSBURG — Senior citizens who are pensioners are ready to unite as taxation on pension income is become an intolerable issue for them. Members of Parliament will be soon be approached to tackle this situation once and for all. “We need to see laws put in place to protect pensioners.” says a pensioner and senior citizen who has been called on to be the spokesperson for pensioners in this position.

The spokesperson who wishes to remain anonymous for now, says they will be waiting until a new governing program has been presented at the opening of the new parliamentary year by the Governor in September. Then they will see what the government plans to do about the senior citizens’ pension during the governing year of 2021-2022.

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“The taxes are killing the seniors.” the spokesperson says. “This issue needs to be addressed because we are not doing well.” According to the spokesperson, seniors are calling on each other and all those affected, to express their concerns publicly, whether on the radio or to their elected members of parliament directly.

“It will not only affect the seniors now but also those who will be going on pension soon. Laws need to be changed. The taxes are killing seniors. Many people are crying out for help.” According to the spokesperson, who is also experiencing the same challenges, even former politicians who served as commissioners and even ministers are suffering the same consequences.

“If you have more than one pension, they kill you in taxes. By the time you finish paying the tax, you don’t have any money left for anything else.” the spokesperson continued. “They are so boldfaced that they take it out of your SZV or your APS money, from any of the pensions that you have, and it’s not right!”

“We didn’t work this hard for so many years to be brokes with no money,” the spokesperson says. “We must be able to live comfortably.” The spokesperson explains that not everyone can afford an accountant, tax advisor or lawyer to fight their case. Many need assistance, but poor people cannot afford expensive tax lawyers like that. “I am trying to see what I can do, but I am tired. I didn’t work all my professional life to now have to work still in my retirement years.”

The spokesperson laments that many businesses are closing down and not paying their taxes, but that those left behind have to pay. Even entrepreneurs are falling on hard times. “They are catching their royal asses in taxes.” the spokesperson explains. “That’s why they can’t stay open, it’s not right. We have to look out for our people.”

“I am proud when I see one or two persons start their business. But when the taxman starts hitting them, I know enough young people shut down after it didn’t work out. They can’t keep up with the taxes. It’s not right.”

The spokesperson concludes by saying, “I don’t know who in parliament is there to champion this, but I am going to call out all pensioners to unite. We need to form a block and not support this government until we see laws put in place to protect pensioners.”


Publisher’s note: According to a financial expert in this field, the pensioners do not have a foot to stand on. “I completely understand their plight, but they don’t have a legal basis due to how the framework is set up,” he says. “Their timing is way too late. You don’t wait to protest at the end because, in the beginning, there was a benefit with the deferred tax aspect.”


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