Published On: Thu, Jan 7th, 2021

No fundamental changes after debate about IPKO-statement

PHILIPSBURG – MP William Marlin announced during a preparatory meeting for the Inter-Parliamentary Kingdom Consultation (IPKO) on Tuesday that “no fundamental changes” would be made to the draft of a presentation he was going to make on the first day of IPKO.

Members of the parliamentary committee for Kingdom Affairs and Inter-Parliamentary Relations debated the draft whereby it quickly became clear that the content of the presentation depends strongly on information provided by the government.

MP Sarah Wescot-Williams noted that the draft should contain more details about the state of affairs of Trust Fund projects. “Just saying that things have not moved fast enough is a bit like beating a dead horse.”

MP Claudius Buncamper criticized the fact that State Secretary Knops will come to the island “to start the work” on the execution of the country package that is a part of the yet to be established Caribbean Development and Support Organization (COHO). “In the meantime we have to wait until that law comes to parliament before we can do our parliamentary duty.”

Buncamper also referred to the “hard condition” that the government distance itself from the Pro Soualiga Foundation, adding about the consensus kingdom law that “we are not going to rubberstamp anything in this parliament.”

MP Christophe Emmanuel, who holds a minority opinion about the conditions for liquidity support said that he misses in Marlin’s statement a clear position about the Pro Soualiga Foundation and about the COHO.

Emmanuel furthermore offered that he does not see much use for the IPKO. “What have we gained from it over the years? The IPKO amounts to nothing. We are getting nothing out of it.”

MPs also suggested adding an explanation to the statement as to why the draft 2021 budget and the draft 2020 budget amendment are still at the Council of Advice. They also criticized the confidentiality of documents related to COHO. MP Buncamper asked to pay some attention to the unsatisfactory role of financial supervisor Cft.

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