Published On: Wed, Jun 19th, 2024

National Alliance suggests budget amendment to facilitate solution for energy crisis

PHILIPSBURG – The faction of the National Alliance (NA) has requested an urgent meeting of parliament with the objective to establish an amendment to the national budget to facilitate the purchase of generators for utilities company GEBE.

The NA states in a press release that it is dissatisfied with the lack of clarity after a meeting with Prime Minister Mercelina to discuss solutions for the energy crisis.

NA-MP and former Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion strongly disagrees with Mercelina’s statement that renting a power barge (a proposed solution) is too expensive. “I do not believe that any solution which can bring immediate relief should be deemed too expensive, without proper explanation of the determining factors,” Irion stated.

The former minister suggests using funds that are currently allocated for containerized generators for renting a power barge for a period of six weeks. “GEBE can make a one-year payment plan with the government through the concession agreement,” according to Irion.

Irion asks for the presence of the prime minister and the ministers of finance and tourism, economic affairs, transport and telecommunication (TEATT) in the meeting.

“The current crisis surrounding GEBE and the island’s electricity generation has reached a critical point,” Irion writes in a letter to MP Sarah Wescot-Williams, the chairlady of parliament. “With no immediate solution in sight it is imperative that we take swift action to address this issue.”


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