Published On: Tue, Jul 5th, 2022

MP Wescot-Williams vents frustration about political shenanigans

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PHILIPSBURG — United Democrats-MP Sarah Wescot-Williams vented her frustration about recent political developments in a press statement that suggested the appointment of a professional as the new minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication (TEATT).

MP Wescot-Williams notes that MPs Akeem Arrindell (Independent) and Chanel Brownbill (United St. Maarten party) will join the coalition for a joint appointment of a successor to Roger Lawrence at the TEATT-ministry.

“MP Brownbill’s consent to this agreement is on shaky ground,” the press statement reads. “He is deputizing for suspended MP Buncamper. Deputizing can mean different things in different circumstances, but this particular provision is not found in any other constitution in the Kingdom to give any direction.”

The decision by the electoral reform committee of parliament to move forward with reform also drew criticism from MP Wescot-Williams. She points out that the current government campaigned on electoral reform but that it has dropped the issue completely. “In that meeting I stressed the need to address article 50 regarding dismissal and suspension of MPs as a matter of urgency.”

“I am utterly disappointed in the prime minister who for the sake of holding on to that office accepted this type of political horse-trading,” the MP states as a reaction to the “nonsensical” statement of the coalition that it will look at the governing program and the national development vision to agree on policy, legislative and executive priorities.

“The prime minister knows full well that reviewing the governing program and the national development vision is misleading. Today, it is all about the country package.”

Calling for a cabinet of professionals with clear mandates is presently “wishful thinking,” MP Wescot-Williams stated. “But if we really understand the socio-economic crossroads we are at, it is not too much to ask to consider a professional for the ministry of TEATT, since this position seems to be up for grabs.”

MP Wescot-Williams is highly critical of the attitude of some of her colleagues in parliament during the meeting about the Ombudsman-report about solid waste collection-tender. “It is unfortunate that even in parliament, the blindness by some towards blatant wrongdoing, brought into question again the role of one of our high councils of state. Attacking any of our high councils of state and to condone questionable acts of government is wrong and undermines the very democratic foundation our system relies on. This system of checks and balances is even more important, given the dubious role some members and or factions in  parliament afford themselves.”

That the coalition put out a “hastily put together and poorly worded” agreement in an attempt to increase its numbers after National Alliance-MP Ludmilla Duncan declared herself independent is “an embarrassment to any self-respecting government or member of parliament,” MP Wescot-Williams stated, adding that this is apparently an “ill-conceived attempt to sabotage the ministry of TEATT. “Of all the ministries in the world, is this the ministry that the eight members of parliament will allow to become a ping pong?”

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