Published On: Tue, Dec 5th, 2017

President DSTA Conrad Richardson: “We are getting there”

Conrad Sisco Richardson - DSTA PresidentCRUISE TERMINAL — In an interview with StMaartenNews.com, President of the Dutch St. Maarten Taxi Association (DSTA), Conrad ‘Sisco’ Richardson, had a positive message of hope to pass on to the membership and to the people of St. Maarten after the first call of a cruise ship on the island on Monday, December 4th, since hurricane Irma.
“We are getting there.” was his first response to the question how we are looking as the first cruise ship, the Viking Sea, made it first inaugural call bringing the first cruise tourists back on to the island after hurricane Irma passed in September and devastated the island’s tourism product beyond recognition.
“We must remain positive.” Conrad RIchardson, known to everyone in the taxi community as ‘Sisco’, said. “People are doing their part. We as taxi drivers are doing our part. Our members came out today in full force. Some were happy to be back. Not everybody feel how they used to feel before. Some were not too please. But it is a new start, a new beginning.”
Viking Cruises, like many other cruise lines, sell tours onboard their ships as prebooked packages. So many of the cruise visitors today were already booked with tour operators, Sisco explained. Nonetheless, he was happy that later on more passengers came off the ship and took island tours with the taxis.
In regards to his statement about some of the taxi drivers not being pleased, Sisco further elaborated that indeed some of the those who also work at the airport find that things are moving too slow. “People feel that government needs to put a plan of action in place.” Sisco explained. “We must stay positive. But there needs to be more done than what is happening now.”
“Government must do their part. But we need a stable full-fledged government first in place to get things done the way things should be done.” was the final words Sisco had to say.
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