Published On: Fri, Feb 23rd, 2018

We now know what you really think of locals. Thank you Theo Heyliger, Emil Lee and Michael Ferrier.

Dear Editor,

I have listened keenly to the discussion about the land awarded by former Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel to a number of local persons on the ring road and the issues surrounding the land in Great Bay where a basketball court was being constructed for the youth in the neighborhood. Finally, Theo Heyliger, Emil Lee and Michael Ferrier have come out to say what the real issues are with these two locations.

‘Prime property’!

Both Minister Ferrier and Lee have this week stated publicly that the land that was awarded is ‘Prime property’. Minister Lee went on to say that it’s not land on a hill somewhere or in a neighborhood for a little home. So in other words, the land was too good for the locals who received it.

I just have to shake my head. That today on Sint Maarten we have a minister who flies in his friend’s private jet to do government business and another minister who refuses to see anyone from the public in his office and keeps the populace at arm’s length. Ministers who clearly feel that they have more ‘class’, as Sarah said, than we the common people. But to be honest, I’m not surprised by their statements as their mannerism speaks volumes.

However, I found it quite shocking to hear Mr. Friendly, Mr. Man of the People, Theo Heyliger, make some very derogatory comments about our youth. Theo Heyliger apparently is ashamed of the manner in which our youth on this island speak. He also does not think they should be in the vicinity of tourists. In an interview on SOS Radio Mr. Heyliger clearly stated that the location chosen by the former Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel to construct a basketball court for the youngsters in the Fort Willem and Down street area was not appropriate.

Why? Because, as he stated, our youngsters talk in a certain manner that would not be nice for tourists on their porch to have to witness. He suggested that the youngsters be hidden away from the direct site of the tourists.


So Emil Lee, Michael Ferrier and Theo Heyliger, you think you are better than us the small local man and woman. You think that your children are somehow better than our children. Well I do not know if you will hear me now, but you will hear me on Monday February 26th, 2018 loud and clear.

You Emil Lee and you Theo Heyliger will not have my vote. Your party Emil Lee, Theo Heyliger and Michael Ferrier will not get my support. You do not deserve it, because I will never vote for someone who thinks they are better than me and my children.

You people do not belong in politics, because a politician is there to serve the populace. If you think you are better than us, then you cannot serve us.

Name withheld