Published On: Sat, Apr 25th, 2020

SOL Petroleum sends home Regional Manager

David Antrobus addressing gathering at SOL

CAY BAY — The Regional Manager of SOL Petroleum David Antrobus was asked to go into retirement as of April 1, 2020, following the huge drop in oil prices in Russia and Saudi Arabia. Since the Covid-19 pandemic has taken over the world, oil prices dropped so low that the oil producing countries are now selling fuel at minus $0.59 per gallon.

Antrobus has been a veteran in the oil industry for more than 27 years and has held senior management positions for nearly 20 years. He is presently on vacation and is expected to leave the island as soon as the company has worked out his retirement package.

However since the merger between SOL Petroleum and Parkland Fuel Corporation, it was felt that Parkland had wanted to reduce the staff in the Caribbean Region and as a result used the pandemic to relieve itself of the older employees at SOL Petroleum.

In Calgary, Canada, Parkland Fuel cut their budget by $300 million to deal with the Covid-19 impact. Parkland is expected to cut its spending by 52% in 2020 and trim executive salaries in response to the uncertain economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

Besides St. Maarten’s regional manager, David Antrobus, several other senior personnel of SOL Petroleum in the region have been asked to resign, including one of the senior SOL employees at the Princess Juliana International Airport.


CAPTION: File photo of SOL Regional Manager David Antrobus addressing a gathering at a SOL event.

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