Published On: Tue, Apr 25th, 2017

Blatant unwillingness

The court ruling about the dispute between contractor Windward Roads and the country about the construction of a waste-to-energy facility on Pond Island leaves one important question unanswered: why?

The ruling smells of blatant unwillingness from the side of the government – not to mention utilities company Gebe – to make this project succeed.

Yes, we have heard the stories that Gebe considered the power purchase agreement unpalatable (because the price it would have to pay for the energy was higher than it costs Gebe to produce electricity at the power plant in Cay Bay), but the court ruling shows that Gebe never even reacted to the proposal.

All the while the dump keeps catching fire, thus putting the health of our citizens at risk. This situation would justify a parliamentary inquiry.

Based on article 64 of the constitution, the Parliament has the right of investigation, but this right has to be regulated in a national ordinance. Unfortunately, that piece of legislation does not exist yet and that is a real pity.