Published On: Mon, Sep 9th, 2019

SZV-insured get access to non-emergency transport from Accessible Ventures

AVET Signing with SZV

PHILIPSBURG — Social and Health Insurances SZV and Accessible Ventures recently signed a service agreement that would benefit those most in need of door-to-door transportation to access medical care. This new service is based on a medical referral application procedure and is for SZV insured who are: dialysis patients, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, paraplegic, bedridden or blind, patients with physical and/or mental disabilities and unable to drive themselves or acquire proper transportation or patients with limited access to family support. Requests for the service can only be submitted by the family house doctor or specialist and is subject to review and approval by SZV. “SZV is very pleased to be able to offer this coverage option, recognizing the need and importance of reliable transportation to access medical care on Sint Maarten.”