Published On: Tue, Nov 22nd, 2022

Concerning The Quarter Development

Dear Editor,

What are in the plans for St. Martin’s people? Nothing? At one time I brought notice to the then Minister of TEATT, Mr. Heyliger, about the taking away of the little beach from the people of Point Blanche close to Chesterfield’s restaurant and giving nothing back in return; as where to I did asked him in a personal conversation what about including a nice state of the art Gym, to the side of all that development, that especially Sucker Garden, Philipsburg, and Point Blanche people can use, not for free but a fee.

It would of been giving back to the people wherein when it comes that, St. Martin’s people are constantly being short changed.

Up to now St. Martin doesn’t have any official recreational park for its people, imagine that.
Who is taking our people, our youth in consideration?

I cannot be a politician, and will never go into politics but someone has to look out for our young people.  Seriously!

[Publisher’s note: This letter writer is a former taxi driver and well-known to us at StMaartenNews.com.]


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