Published On: Fri, Jun 14th, 2024

National Alliance calls for open meetings on N.V. GEBE

PHILIPSBURG — The National Alliance faction is pushing for transparency regarding the recent changes to the parliamentary schedule about N.V. GEBE. In a letter to President of Parliament, Sarah Wescot-Williams, Members of Parliament Silveria Jacobs and Cloyd Marlin questioned the postponement of the crucial meetings originally set for Friday, June 14, 2024, and the decision to reschedule them behind closed doors to Monday, June 17, 2024.

“Why can’t the public be informed along the way?” asked the MPs. “The Prime Minister and other ministers have emphasized the urgency of these meetings, so it’s essential for the public to be kept in the loop.”

The National Alliance stresses the importance of keeping such discussions open to the public. “This is a matter of significant public interest. While we understand some details may need confidentiality, these can be handled in subsequent closed sessions. The people deserve to hear what’s happening.”

During crises, it is not a time to withdraw from the people. Much like we saw during the pandemic, a crisis calls for constant updates from the Prime Minister to the public to avoid unrest. Providing information helps ease the minds of the public and maintains trust.

The NA faction also called out the current coalition’s shift in stance. “Some coalition members were once against closed-door meetings at any cost. Where are they now? What has changed? Why are they okay with such an important meeting of public interest being closed-door? The people have the right to know and should be able to follow these discussions closely.”

The faction urges the President of Parliament, Mrs. Sarah Wescot-Williams, and the Council of Ministers to maintain the transparency and involvement of the public that they once championed.


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