Published On: Tue, Sep 7th, 2021

Chamber of Commerce wants to dissolve more than 500 companies

PHILIPSBURG — The Chamber of Commerce has announced its proposal to dissolve more than 500 businesses and thereby taking them off their registry. The complete list of affected businesses has been published in the National Gazette of September 3.

All of the 531 listed companies have outstanding fees and 36 companies have no director, it appears from the Chamber-publication. Both circumstances – outstanding fees and not having a director – are reasons for the Chamber to dissolve the companies. If these circumstances still exist six weeks after the publication of the list, the chamber will dissolve the companies.

That the chamber-registry is not completely up to date appears from the listing of companies that have closed down years ago. Radio Shack is just one example.

Among the 531 companies under threat of dissolution are 27 construction companies, but also a couple of insurance companies and even one bank (the New World West Indies Bank).

Other companies that stand out in the list are Baskin Robbins, Passanggrahan Hotel Restaurant, St. Maarten Tender Services, Flamingo Beach Resort, Sapphire Beach Club Casino, Sint Maarten Property Management, Friendly Island Drugstore, Sint Maarten Housing and R. Marlin Housing & Real Estate. The Crazy Leprechaun Irish Pub is the most exotic name on the list.

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