Published On: Thu, Sep 23rd, 2021

Open Letter to Council of Ministers and Members of Parliament

Dear Esteemed and Honourable Council of Ministers and Members of Parliament,

1. We beg and beseech of you the Parliament of Sint Maarten to begin, not just seriously considering, but to call your Ministers to Parliament regarding outdated Policies of Government in all Areas and all Aspects that governs the daily smooth running of a Government that can guarantee and demonstrate continuity.

2. Where it pertains to Ministers needing to be summoned to Parliament in order to be told, probably and seriously by way of Motions presented, to get their act together, as well as to be seriously questioned regarding their Ministries, must be done post haste in the best interest of our People and the well being of our Country Sint Maarten and its Economy.

3. We cannot any longer continue to run Sint Maarten with outdated Policies and Laws that seriously needs Amending.

4. We cannot have Government after Government coming to Office and just doing their own thing without any consideration taken for Continuity, Transparency, and Good Governance, which must be a daily practice in order to guarantee seriousness of demonstrated Integrity.

5. We cannot continue to having Government after Government come to Parliament to present One Budget that would seem to represent cohesiveness, but later to see every Minister operating as if they are an island on their own.

6. We cannot continue as a People to accept the operations of Government after Government demonstrating disrespect for their Heads of State in the One appointed as Prime Minister of our Country. It simply demonstrates a Country functioning and operating without a Democratic Head, but instead seen to the outer world as a Government System functioning with many independent heads that ultimately leads to confusion and chaos.

7. We cannot continue to even accept Coalition Governments, who have together agreed in the signing of Governing Programs that they will work together for us the People, but thereafter disappointingly not carrying out what they promised that they would.

8. We cannot continue to see and accept Governments after Governments in this Country who constantly tend to operate as if their Office is the same as running their own private homes, without any accountability to Parliament, and per extension the People of Sint Maarten.

9. Our People deserves to receive the best out of their Governments as it pertains to the daily running of our Country with a Vision for its future Development and Growth.

10. Our People deserve the best Representation coming from our Parliaments, as well as from every Individual Member of Parliament, be it supporting the runnings and operations of Governments, or not.

11. Demonstrate to us your value and worth in Parliament, which must be always seen coming out of your contributions given, actions taken, and much Laws presented, amended, approved, and implemented from a unified Approach as a Body.

12. At this point in time, a) having to rebuild after Hurricane Irma TOGETHER, b) facing and managing as best as we can the onslaught of this Covid 19 World Health Pandemic TOGETHER, c) having to manage as a Country our Liquidity Financial shortfalls TOGETHER, d) needing to cooperate with the Hague, as well as the other Dutch Caribbean Countries, Curacao and Aruba, and Entities Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, as much as possible when possible in the best interest of our Country, our People, and our Economy TOGETHER, e) needing to be unified as a Government, Parliament, Private Sector, All Stakeholders, and as One People is imperative if we are to survive this period of temporary challenges as a Country TOGETHER.

The above GENERALIZED STATEMENTS and WISHES are all that our People are humbly asking of You to do in Governing and Representing our Country Sint Maarten, as well as our People.

Let us together PLEASE do it in order to GUARANTEE A BETTER SINT MAARTEN where all of our CHILDREN will be proud to live, want to make their POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION, as well as call their HOME.

Let us NOW simply make them all proud by our ACTIONS AND SACRIFICES MADE for this COUNTRY and HOME that we all call SINT MAARTEN AND THAT WE ALL SAY AND CLAIM TO LOVE.

Achken Roberto Richardson