Published On: Sun, Dec 3rd, 2017

The vindictive Dutch politicians

Dear Editor,

The vindictive Dutch politicians have achieved, with the help of local brownnosers, what they decided to make happen and that is the resignation of Prime Minister William MARLIN.

The Dutch politicians could not accept the fact that William stood up to them as a true leader in defense of the self rule of Country St. Martin. How dare a local politician stand up to the “mighty” Dutch. That’s for the Dutch tantamount to a death sentence. And because of William’s reaction to their immoral action, William must “die”. politically.

But the voters of St. Martin have the last word in that matter. William MARLIN has served the island of St. Martin over the past forty years with dignity and has lots of achievements to show for his hard work. Contrary to some politicians who have governed this island for the majority of the past thirty years and cannot show what they have achieved for the people, except blowing a lot of hot air.

Coming back to the vindictive Dutch politicians and to let one know how they think about our local politicians, I must refer to a cartoon that was placed in the Daily Herald sometime back. This cartoon was placed in the paper by a Dutch political party of which van RAAK is a member. This cartoon portrayed a tall white man with his finger pointed at a short black man with a weird hairdo standing in front of the white man. The black man had his hands in his pockets and was looking down. This cartoon is insulting and denigrating and should not have been placed in a newspaper.

I am disappointed in the management of the Daily Herald for placing such a cartoon in their newspaper. The portrayal of this cartoon is exactly how the Dutch politicians want the local politicians to act towards them: subservient, obedient, never talk back, because if you do you will be punished. William stood up to them as a real leader should.


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